Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Myth: Breastfeeding makes your boobs sag

I know - I am one to talk. Having been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for over 4 years, I obviously have breasts that are more, shall we say, south of where they used to be. But logically I know that it is the increase in weight and milk then the rapid decrease that makes for stretched out skin. Just being pregnant and growing older makes everything move toward the floor.

Just think of all those makeover shows that I am slightly addicted to. The person that has gastric bypass surgery will have a belly similar to my breasts. Extra skin dragging you down!

That being said, what is up with "miracle bras" and "wonder bras"? The molded padding may create a miracle bustline for someone who is a little less endowed than I, but I don't need all that padding. I don't need extra stuff up there! It seems that if you have a large bosom (I just love that word - makes me think of my grandmother!) you are relegated to the ugly 50's bras. No pretty lace ones that will lift and separate the saggy boobs. Just the 18 hour Playtex variety.

And if Victoria's Secret is going to make nursing bras now, do you think they might make the model look more like a woman that actually breastfeeds? And in ginormous sizes too? I'm just saying... I love that they are pretty because, goddess knows I would love to have a pretty nursing bra. But is that really going to be comfortable and hold up to the daily rigors of up and down flaps and babies pulling on the straps?

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Misty said...

Breastfeeding may not make your boobs sag, but it makes them big. I swear, half of my boob wouldn't fit in that thing! Oh well, it's a start. Maybe eventually they'll come out with the sexy, super supportive, titanium reinforced, mega bra!