Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Of course, I am at work. Taking care of two young men who are scaring their mother's senseless by because they are reckless fools that have no concept of their own mortality. Hopefully, for their mother's sakes, they will survive the motorcycle accidents, the falls, the drunk driving and hitting trees. Hopefully this will be a wake up call and they will be a little smarter in the future. If not, maybe they will weed their genetic predisposition towards rank stupidity out of the collective gene pool and we will all be better off.

My dh says to me yesterday "You aren't working on MOTHER'S DAY are you???" Like how horrible, how cruel that any mother should have to go to work on THEIR DAY! Since his memory is so short, I had to remind him that the only Mother's Day I had not worked in the last 7-8 years was the one in which his mother was here for his graduation. Sigh.

Here is my mom, holding my Widget. This was taken last summer when my mother got her wish to have all of her family - her children and grandchildren plus her three brothers and their families - at the beach for a week.

And here are the two that make me a mom. Bless them, they are little angels but they are taking me straight to crazy house.

Here is the Widget - 20 months old and sweet and funny and cuddly. But not talking in words understandable as English. Trying not to stress about it...

And here is the Sproglet. My first born. She will be 4 in July and is precious and precocious and wide open.

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there. Hug those babies hard today!

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