Monday, May 26, 2008

Girl's Vacay

So I am going away next weekend for the first time since becoming a mama. For 3 whole nights. I am just so excited and nervous all at the same time. I know the Sproglette will be just fine - she rolls with the punches. Widget has never had anyone put him to bed at night but me. It is him that makes me nervous.

I just keep telling myself he will be surrounded by people that love him - the mister's parents are coming while I am gone - BONUS!!!! He will be fine.

Meanwhile, I am having a nervous breakdown deciding what to pack.

Not the clothing, mind you, but the knitting!

Obviously my goddaughter's Clapotis will be going. The second sock from my first pair socks will be great for the airplane trip. But what else? Another skein of sock yarn? I could start hats for the children for fall and knock that out.

Anybody got a stunner of an idea for me? I am taking suggestions!

Oh, and the mister is downloading a bunch of This American Life broadcasts to his ipod for me to take for the plane. (My ipod is on permanent disability, I do believe).
There is something incredibly sexy about Ira Glass. Kind of in the same way I think Kevin Spacey is geeky-hot. Let's face it, I am a geek, therefore I like other geeks. I think it goes back to just knowing that cutest boys in junior high were talking about my braces/glasses behind my back as they copied off my biology tests... Strong men are a dime a dozen. Give me a man with a brain and now we are cooking with gas!

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