Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Come on, dude... Don't mess with Lennon!

Small confession. I am a confirmed American Idol addict. It is embarrassing and I won't admit it to your face so don't even try.

But I am really fucking pissed off that wee David Archeleta, the prince of smarm, blasphemed John Lennon last night (and earlier in the season too). If you don't agree with the lyrics to probably one of the best songs ever written, it is simple don't sing it!

The little hand-wringing "Oh Gosh" LDS kid from Utah couldn't possibly sing "Imagine there's no heaven". Goodness no! Even though it's a song about no war and almost every major war in this world is based on someone's idea of god being wrong.

I draw the line at actually voting for AI, but you couldn't have paid me to vote for that particular crap. I got no problem with christians and their sects but find a song you can believe in, don't screw with Lennon. For god's sake!

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