Friday, May 9, 2008

A Fresh Start

I know, I know, I am like, 4 years behind the curve. But it has been a busy 4 years of carrying, bearing and nurturing the wee ones, working to get Paddy O through school, and the ensuing sleep deprivation that comes with it.

I don't know if anyone is reading - in fact I haven't wrapped my brain around the idea that you might be eavesdropping on my thoughts. But I heard somewhere (don't ask me where - see the aforementioned sleep deprivation) that people who blog are more mentally healthy that the ones that don't. Since I need all the help I can get, HERE I AM WORLD WIDE WEB! AND I AIN'T EVER LEAVIN'!


Misty said...

Woo hoo - so, we're more mentally healthy, eh? I'll take what I can get? LOL. Love the pictures on your other posts!

MindfulMama said...

I'm here Janet! I will bookmark you and visit you often :-)