Monday, May 12, 2008

Marginally better than TV...

This is one of those Christmas gifts we received that parents hate (plays insanely annoying music loudly and is bright shiny plastic!) and kids LOVE. It shoots little plastic balls out of the top. Widget giggles madly, Sproglet goes nuts hoarding the balls from the Widge until he cries and Mama intervenes. Usually by yelling.

Widget has been carting it around the house by the big orange funnel. It is almost as big as him so he has a bit of trouble so there is a fair bit of whining that goes on as he moves it from room to room. Sounds like "Whine! Bang! Whine! Bang" then he will settle down and plastic balls start firing out and he laughs some more.

Hours of mindless entertainment.

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Alison said...

We don't have one of those, but whenever we visit a house with one, both my kids are transfixed. The toy is evil, yet mesmerizing!

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