Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Chefs

The kids and I made cupcakes for Paddy-O's birthday. Cooking with kids. Unless you are anal about cleanliness, a great deal of fun. I am, obviously, not anal about cleanliness as I am still finding sprinkles around my kitchen.

So freaking cute. Widget was intent on getting as many sprinkles as possible on each cupcake so that no icing was visible. I had to shake them off before putting them on the cake plate. Sproglet made sure she had an even coating on each one before pronouncing each one "finished".

Here is the finished product. They were pretty yummy, and the kids had a blast.

I have many plans for more cooking projects including the two of them. We already do homemade pizza pretty regularly as they love rolling out the dough and topping them. I don't mind the mess so much, since we are almost guaranteed they will eat what they make.

Do you have favorite kid friendly kitchen recipes?

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