Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am so lame

So I realized that I have had little to say over the last week or so and feel really lame about it. I read so many interesting blogs that have interesting things to say on a daily basis and really want to say to myself "Buck up! Do something interesting today just so you can tell the blog".

But really. Then I hear myself and realize how completely inane that sounds. How about if I just tell you that life has been SOOOO interesting over the last week I just can't even describe it to you?

One very lovely thing is THIS! Sharon at Three Irish Girls had a contest and I managed to win! I never win anything! So I have some very yummy new superwash merino coming my way. Which I have been wanting to try. As you know, with the two small children - wash and wear is very important. I handwash a lot of woolies and I would like the option of throwing it in the washer - even on delicate. Especially when dirt has been ground in by those kids that come in from playing looking like street urchins.

I am thinking mittens and hat for Widget. What do you think? Any better ideas?

As for the rest - I am off to lead my VERY interesting life that I am just too busy to blog about.

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