Monday, June 2, 2008

Crazy Adventure

I am back from the trip that has had my "in-real-life" friends nodding while hiding a smirk and then talking about me behind my back.

Yes, I spent a long weekend with 5 other women that I only know from an internet message board. The main thing we have in common is that we were all pregnant and due with babies in August of 2006. But for some reason, as much as it may seem that I dropped my basket somewhere back there, it was one of the best times of my life.

We laughed, we cried, we drank lots of alcohol. I thought before hand that the worst that could happen is that there would be large periods of awkward silence that would make it possible for me to catch up on my sleep. The opposite happened - we talked and talked and I got less sleep than usual because I didn't want to miss a moment. It was truly magical.

I feel like I am completely rejuvenated. I am a much more patient mom today. I have so many new ideas about what I want to do with my kids (and my husband) because of the new perspective these 5 very different women from all over the country have given to my life.

So if you have been thinking that you need a weekend away to get a new outlook on your life - take it with your girlfriends. And consider doing it with the ones you have met on a message board, or blogging, or what ever your internet addiction is. I can't believe I had the courage and guts to just GO, but I am so incredibly thankful that I did.

Thanks KC moms! Lets start planning next year!


Jen said...

Right back at you, mama! I'm so glad you came {{{HUGS}}}

Misty said...

Yes please! Let's plan next year. I'll be there come hell or high water!!!

leighs said...

Lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome time! I'm glad you were able to do it.