Sunday, June 15, 2008

Halfway through

So Paddy-O's birthday was yesterday and he is currently sleeping in for his father's day present. We have some cards etc and plans to grill out with another family late afternoon.

The kids were so cute. We made chocolate cupcakes (because that is what the Sproglet says everyone should have for their birthdays). They sprinkled them up and sang when PO got home from his business trip. The Sproglet put 3 and 7 candles on the cupcakes and we gave him his present (tickets to see Wilco in August with babysitter already lined up) and homemade cards.

Then after the kids were in bed a couple of friends came over and watched a movie while the kids slept and we went to dinner at Elaine's on Franklin where a good friend waited on us and made the event extra special. They printed out special menus just for Paddy-O with Happy Birthday printed on them. We had the fois gras which I know is totally socially UN-conscious of me, but I can't help it - once a year or so I have to have some because it is so freaking wonderful. PO had bunny, I had tuna tartare that was divine. I can't really comment on the bunny because, while I can manage to eat the goose that has been force fed (they ARE annoying animals) I can't eat the sweet little bunnies. Even though I know they are plentiful, reproduce, well, like rabbits, and come from a local farm. PO did say it was quite yummy. I had the perfect dessert - lemon cheesecake with chocolate graham crust and blueberry compote. PO had something with chocolate because that is the way he goes. Damn it was good!

Once I have the camera thing figured out I will have pictures to share on this big event. The problem with having a technologically savvy partner is that he does strange things that are too complicated for me to figure out. Like I can download the pictures to my computer but they are in raw format and I can't figure out how to make them into JPeg to upload them to the web. If anyone has any idea how to do this in iPhoto, please chime in!

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