Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lots of Birthday Issues

Is 4 and 2 already too old to have a combination birthday party? Widget doesn't actually have any friends his age so the same family and friends with families would be invited to both parties. And they are less than a month apart as well. The cost would be less to do both at once. What do you think?

And Paddy-O turns 37 on Saturday. How much does it suck to have his birthday be the day before Father's day? A lot. I am having trouble coming up with a sitter to do anything adult like that night. I guess I could put the kids to bed, pop open a bottle of bubbly and jump his bones. That might be exciting enough for him. Sad, isn't it?

Any ideas on what to do with all these freaking summer birthdays are welcome...


MindfulMama said...

I would absolutely combine the birthdays -- find a state park with a swimmning area and invite everyone to come swim and eat cupcakes and burgers. Easy, fun, and everyone will come.

Jennifer said...

Def combine the parties! We did last year and probably will this year too. With b-days only 9 days apart it's too hard to have 2 separate parties. They each get their own theme and cake and we divided it up to his half and her half. It was nice to get them over and done with all at once.