Saturday, July 5, 2008

Steamy Saturday

I don't think I have ever seen Sproglet's hair this curly before. It is so humid, you could cut the air with a knife. I have lived in the south all my life and I have never been so damp without actual precipitation.

I made her take her little pink phillies ball cap off to snap the pic - the reason why the top of her hair is so flat! BTW, she put this ensemble together this morning all by herself. Grandmom and Pop Pop would be so proud!

In knitting news, I have dropped my first row of stitches on Syd's Clapotis (rav link) and so far I am pretty pleased with how it is turning out. This is the first one I have knit (notice I said first) since I have some pretty amazing silk/merino yarn that Joyce from Elliebelly dyed for me in the blues I love...

So I am cruising right along with my summer knitting goals. Socks done. Cowl started, Clapotis on a roll. Booker's shorts, well, they are in time out. I have done the body, and split for the legs and one leg is partially done. But I am starting to run out of the main body color and they are probably going to be really short shorts!

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leighs said...

GORGEOUS yarn. I had no idea you liked sailing!! Or grew up doing it!! We have to talk abou tit someday!! Perhaps when I come visit you in jail after you kill your husband pre-vacation. Dad's boat is actually around the corner from Oriental in a tiny marina on Brown's Creek, called Whortonsville. When you get back, email me and bring the kids over to the pool so we can talk.