Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Best and the Worst

Two years ago today, this little sweetheart entered the world. Not without putting mama through the wringer first though... I think he has made up for it by begin the sweetest, cuddliest, most even-tempered baby/child since.

With the Sproglette, I had a pretty zen labor - as zen as you can get after 66 hours. Booker's labor felt wrong. I just knew something was not right in there. I spent 7 hours in transition had a bumpy hellish emergency ambulance ride from my lovely birthing center to the hospital, cussed out a couple of nurses (for which I apologized profusely later) Being a nurse you would have thought I would have had at least the tiniest bit of self control - that is how far gone I was, how far removed I was from my inner core. I was lost in the pain but not a normal, this is getting you a baby pain. This was frantic inner scream that something was wrong, and the helplessness to move out of the way of the speeding train.

After my uterus shoved him out of me in a gush - so slippery and fast that my midwife flipped him up onto my belly in order not to drop him on the floor - I felt the most overwhelming feeling of relief that I would never have to do this again. As they whisked him to the baby docs to suction the meconium, I was just so relieved he was alive and out of me.

This is the labor that said to my partner and I , no more. We have replicated ourselves, three would be tempting the fates, three would be selfish, three would be too much.

I am so glad he is here, and he is worth it all. I did have to go through the worst of myself to get him, but he is the best of rewards.

Happy Birthday.

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